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i’m still alive!!! and this blog is still not closed, amazingly. i’ve just had a lot on my plate and commissions and cosplays to work on, so I felt guilty doing stuff other than that (except i played video games anyway so all of that went down the drain) but YEAH anyway once anime expo is over i will attempt to tackle (some of) this humongous inbox (you guys are insane btw) 

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since it’s been asked a couple times, my art blog is over at ancorae. i’m still very slow over there, so there’s not much to see.

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Anonymous said: what is your main blog?? ((mun answer please))

my main blog is here, but there’s nothing interesting i assure you

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for various reasons, i don’t have the energy or the motivation to run this blog anymore. it’s been short and sweet, and i really appreciate all the support i’ve gotten. you guys were great. thank you so much.

this blog is officially closed.

not closed anymore i guess!!!

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